Pakistan set to get 45 million India-made doses

2021-03-10 02:45:04

ISLAMABAD: The international vaccine alliance, GAVI, will provide 45 million doses of India-manufactured Covishield vaccine to Pakistan. These vaccine doses are among those bought by GAVI, which works to increase access to immunization in poor countries, from India.
Pakistan is the only Saarc country to not seek Covid-19 vaccine from India, choosing to rely instead on Chinese vaccines.
As has been reported, Pakistan aims to tackle the Covid-19 challenge through herd immunity and donated vaccines.
China pharmaceutical company Sinopharm has committed to providing one million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to Pakistan.
Reports from Islamabad had said last week that Pakistan will also get 16 million free doses of India-made Oxford-AstraZeneca‘s Covid-19 vaccine through GAVI and that would give cover to 20 per cent of the population of Pakistan.

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