Indonesia’s Sriwijaya Air Plane Loses Contact Shortly After Takeoff

2021-01-09 11:29:33

Live Updates: Indonesia's Sriwijaya Air Plane Loses Contact Shortly After Takeoff

The airline said it was investigating the incident. (File)

Indonesia’s Sriwijaya Air lost contact with one of its passenger planes shortly after take-off from the capital Jakarta, the country’s transport ministry said Saturday.

“A Sriwijaya (Air) plane from Jakarta to Pontianak (on Borneo island) with call sign SJY182 has lost contact,” said ministry spokesman Adita Irawati.

“It last made contact at 2:40 pm (0740 GMT).”

It was unclear how many passengers and crew were aboard the Boeing 737-500, AFP reported.

Sriwijaya Air, an Indonesian airline, said in a statement it is still gathering more detailed information regarding the flight before it can make any statement, according to Reuters.

Here are the LIVE Updates:

Indonesia budget airline jet “suspected” to have crashed: official

An Indonesian budget airline jet is “suspected” to have crashed into the sea just minutes after the Boeing 737 lost contact with air traffic control on Saturday, the country’s national search and rescue agency said.

“We deployed our team, boats and sea riders to the location suspected to be where it went down after losing contact,” Bambang Suryo Aji, a senior official at the agency, told reporters.

The suspected crash site is near tourist islands just off the coast of Indonesia’s sprawling capital Jakarta, AFP reported.

Suspected debris of Indonesian plane found: rescue official

Rescuers looking for an Indonesian plane that lost contact after taking off from the capital Jakarta on Saturday have found suspected debris in waters north of the city, an official of the Basarnas search and rescue agency said.

Agus Haryono told Reuters it had not been confirmed that the debris came from Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182, which lost contact after taking off with more than 50 people aboard, Reuters reported.

Flight was en route from Jakarta to Pontianak in Indonesia: Report
The Sriwijaya Air plane took off from the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, and was headed to Pontianak in West Kalimantan province, local media reported.

Last recorded altitude of aircraft was 250 feet

The highest altitude the aircraft hit was 10,900 feet, while the last altitude it recorded was 250 feet, according to Flightradar24.

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