Google’s “Cuckoo Clock” Welcomes Year 2021

2020-12-31 20:44:27

'Time Has Come...': Google's 'Cuckoo Clock' Welcomes Year 2021

New Year 2021: The doddle now features a bird which is seen coming out of the clock.

New Delhi:

The world began ushering in the New Year with pandemic controls muting celebrations for billions of people eager to bid farewell to a virus-ridden 2020.

With this, Google’s ticking cuckoo clock finally hit the midnight to welcome the year 2021. The doddle now features a bird which is seen coming out of the clock which has 2021 written at the bottom. The bird is also seen celebrating the beginning of the New Year.

Google described the New Year’s Eve doodle as, “The time has come to welcome the new, the clock strikes midnight and out comes the cuckoo! “All the best for the new year,” the cuckoo bird chirps for all to hear!”

For New Year’s Eve, the search giant had designed its doodle with an old fashioned bird-house clock which says 2020 on it. The doodle also featured other letters of ‘Google’ colorfully decorated with fairy lights.


Besides that, to add a little extra flair to our New Year’s celebrations , Google also launched a party popper icon to celebrate the new year on Search. If you head to search for New Year’s Eve in Google, or click on the doodle that will take direct you to that search, you will see a knowledge panel on the right side with an animated confetti cone that is ready to pop. Just click on it and the confetti will shoot out all over the search results.

Last year, Google featured ‘Froggy’ in its New Year’s Eve doodle. The animated frog is the same weather frog that shows up when you search for the weather on your phone.

Happy New Year 2021!

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