Xiaomi unveils Mi Power Bank Boost Pro with 30000mAh battery in India: Price, availability and more

2021-03-30 08:35:17

Xiaomi has unveiled its next power bank called Mi Power Bank Boost Pro in India.
This device from Xiaomi is currently listed on its crowdfunding platform at Rs 1,999 currently and the shipping of this device is expected to start on May 15.
The MRP of the device otherwise is listed at Rs 3,499.
Mi Power Bank Boost Pro specs
This power bank from Xiaomi houses a 30,000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and offers support to charge up to three devices at a time with up to 18W fast charge support.
Out of the three outputs, it has one Type-C port and two Type-A ports. The device offers support for Power Deliver 3.0, which means that it supports Type-C to Type-C charging. It comes with 2 input ports (Micro-USB and Type-C), you can use either Micro-USB or Type-C cable to recharge the power bank.
For its own charging needs, the Mi Power Bank Boost Pro comes with a maximum support charge for up to 24W. It also offers smart Power management for low power charging needs. This can be enabled by double-pressing the power button.
Xiaomi claims that it has 16-layer advanced chip protection.
In its FAQ section, Xiaomi states that users of the Mi Power Bank Boost Pro won’t be able to carry it on flights.
“Since Mi Boost Pro has a massive battery of 30000mAh, it is not allowed on domestic as well as international flights,” said Xiaomi.
How does Xiaomi’s crowdfunding work?
Xiaomi has set a goal of 5000 units for the Mi Power Bank Boost Pro and only once that goal is reached, will the project be declared successful. In case a buyer has supported the crowdfunding project, but it doesn’t hit the set goal in the desired timeline, Xiaomi will refund the money. Also, in case they change their mind, they can always cancel the order before it ships out.

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