Will you spend over Rs 1 lakh to buy a Mi phone, asks Xiaomi CEO

2021-02-04 10:30:35

Xiaomi smartphones are always known to be value for money, targeting the budget to mid-range market. There are very few expensive Xiaomi phones in India but this doesn’t mean that the company doesn’t want to launch one. In a post on Weibo, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun asked smartphone enthusiasts as to whether or not they will be interested in buying Mi phones that would cost upwards of 10,000 Chinese Yuan, which translates to a little over Rs 1.12 lakh in India.
He also asked if at all people would want to buy a Xiaomi phone worth over Rs 1 lakh what are the features they want and how it should look like. Interestingly, foldable phones are expensive and Xiaomi is already working on its own foldable device for quite some time. It could be quite possible that Xiaomi launches an expensive foldable phone later this year. Xiaomi is expected to reveal more about this on February 7.
According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), Xiaomi may launch as many as three foldable phones in 2021. Xiaomi’s foldable phones will have three different design types: out-folding, in-folding and clamshell.
Young had earlier explained that Xiaomi’s out-folding phone will be similar to the Huawei Mate X. It will have a larger screen than the company’s in-folding phone. One may expect an 8-inch screen with Xiaomi’s out-folding mobile.
Xiaomi is said to have placed orders for foldable OLED panels with Samsung Display and LG display in 2020. Xiaomi may launch a clamshell design foldable phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

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