Tinder: Tinder may swipe right on selling phone accessories

2021-02-13 04:21:00

After setting the dating game straight for millennials across the world, it appears that the next venture Tinder is going to be offering smartphone merchandise.
According to a report by Free Dating Tips website, the popular dating platform has recently filed a patent application as per which Match Group — the parent company of Tinder — has registered a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to protect the term ‘Tinder Made’.
The report adds that the recent trademark applications for the term ‘Tinder Made’ have been made in different classes, including the international classes 009 and 025. While the former includes devices like protective covers and cases for cell phones, stands for handheld cell phones and tablets, lights for use with mobile phone cameras, the latter includes clothing, footwear and headwear for women and men — across age — including jumpsuits, overalls, shirts, sport knit shirts, T-shirts, chemise and tank tops. “In the second application — also for the ‘Tinder Made’ registration — even more classes have been added and specific products are also mentioned, including backpacks, handbags, phone charms, coffee cups, fleece blankets and board games,” added the report.
While this patent application is a sign of what the company may have planned it wants the brand to offer in the future, but as of now, it has not disclosed any such plans.

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