This WhatsApp message on free Amazon gifts is ‘dangerous’

2021-03-24 06:36:22

Got a message on WhatsApp asking you to take a survey to claim free gifts on Amazon 30th celebration? If the answer is yes, then be warned. This is a scam and may result in loss of money as well as your personal data.
“Amazon 30th anniversary gifts for everyone,” reads this message. It has a URL that one needs to click on to win this free gift, as claimed in the message. Clicking on the URL takes one to the survey page.
This page asks users to answer four questions that claim to be aimed at ‘improving the quality of service’. The focus on: What is your age group, gender and how do you rate amazon service.

The survey, interestingly, also asks the user if he/she is using an Android phone or an iPhone. The page will also have a timer running to create a sense of urgency and immediacy to make the user feel that he/she has limited time to participate in the survey.

After one submits answers to all these questions, he/she will see a bunch of gift boxes on the screen to choose one of the boxes. Now comes the real trick. In order to win the prize, which in this case is Huawei Mate 40 Pro, a user is needed to share the quiz with 5 WhatsApp groups or 20 individual chats on the messaging platform.

In most cases, the gift is never received and the user is trapped in this vicious cycle of fulfilling one or the other condition.
While the survey URL (mention the URL here) that appears is a big giveaway that it is fake. However, most users may not be vigilant enough to notice this. So, what one needs to understand is that no big company will ever offer a gift prize for undertaking any service-related survey. To avoid falling for such scams, it is advisable to look at the URL link. It is made by the scammers to look similar to the valid URL, but a close look will show junk and unwanted characters in it.

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