telegram auto delete: Telegram auto-delete feature is now available for regular chats, users can set a timer between 24 hours and 7 days

2021-02-25 09:22:18

Telegram has added a new auto delete feature to the app. The feature allows users to send a message that automatically gets deleted after a certain interval set by the sender.
It is available on both Android and iOS versions of the app.
The feature was earlier available only in Secret Chats and is now available for regular chats as well.
Telegram users can now send a message with an auto-delete timer set between 24 hours to 7 days for all the chats.
How does the feature work
Before sending a message, users will now get the option to select a time frame. After the set interval, the message will automatically disappear from both sender’s and receiver’s chat window.
Also, the feature works with both individual chats as well as group chats. However, in group chats, only admins are allowed to enable or disable the feature.
All the messages sent with a timer shows a countdown of how much time left. Users can also check this by tapping on the icon on Android and pressing and holding the message on iOS.
It is important to note that the auto-delete feature will only be applicable for messages sent after turning on the feature. Other messages will remain unaffected.
Apart from this, Telegram has also added a couple of other features to the app. These include invite links, QR codes for invites, Broadcast Groups and more.

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