Samsung may borrow this feature from Apple for its S-Pen

2021-02-19 07:55:36

Back in June 2020, Apple had first showcased the features it was going to roll out to all its devices. As part of the iPadOS 14, Apple had revealed that it will roll out new features for Apple Pencil too and one major feature among those was Scribble. To recall, Scribble enables iPad users to turn hand-written text to a typed text.
Now, rival Samsung has also announced that the company is soon going to roll out a similar feature for the users of its Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ with an update in Q1 2021. Samsung calls this feature ‘S Pen to text’ and will provide a similar feature as the iPad with offering support for handwritten text to be converted into digital text.
This will come with support for punctuation marks as well. For instance, drawing a ‘v’ between words will create a space and drawing ‘⌒’ will connect separate words.
Users will be able to enable the ‘Pen to text’ feature either by going to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen > S Pen to text, or to Settings > General management > Samsung Keyboard settings > S Pen to text.
Samsung revealed that the feature will be available in over 80 languages which are primarily those that are supported by Samsung Keyboard.
Another feature that the software update will bring is an easy way to scan and edit documents in the Samsung Notes app. Users will have to tap the ‘Attach’ icon in the app and scan their document.

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