Read Apple CEO Tim Cook’s letter thanking Joe Biden

2021-01-30 02:43:56

It’s been just under 10 days since Joe Biden was sworn in as the new president of the United States of America. Apple CEO Tim Cook had a rather intriguing equation with Donald Trump — from criticising his policies to even praising some. Now, Cook has reached out to Biden, praising some of the initiatives he has spoken about since taking over as US president.
Cook serves on the board of directors of an organisation called Business Roundtable. As per a report by 9to5Mac, Business Roundtable is an organisation that aims to support public policy to “defeat COVID-19, create American Jobs and restore US economic growth and competitiveness.” The Apple CEO wrote the letter on behalf of the organisation and told Biden that, “we look forward to working with you on this and many other issues as we work toward a more innovative, equitable and prosperous country.”
Here’s the letter in full, as per the report by 9to5Mac:
Dear Mr. President,
Congratulations on your inauguration as President. On behalf of Business Roundtable, I want to commend you and share our appreciation for your executive action preserving protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. We also want to thank you for making a permanent legal solution for DACA a priority in your First 100 Days, an effort we deeply support.
There are so many pressing issues facing us today – from a raging pandemic to racial inequity and economic challenge. But in times of crisis, it is particularly important that we hold firm to our values. As we work to unify our country and navigate the many challenges ahead, providing permanent legal status for Dreamers is a crucial part of much-needed comprehensive immigration reform and will help us live up to our nation’s highest ideals.
For our companies, Dreamers are invaluable members of our team. These are young people who represent the best of our country – a place where individuals, in all our diversity, can come together to realise the American Dream and build a better future for the next generation. They know America as home and deserve the chance to pursue the same opportunities this country has long fostered.
Thank you for your leadership, your service to our country, and your commitment to advocating for our nation’s Dreamers. We look forward to working with you on this and many other issues as we work toward a more innovative, equitable and prosperous country.
Tim Cook
CEO, Apple
Chair, Immigration Committee
Business Roundtable

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