PCs rule, Mac sucks: Intel’s message to users and Apple in new ads

2021-03-18 03:17:45

Ever since the launch of M1 — Apple’s own processor — MacBooks, there seems to be a lot of pressure on Intel to up its game. The company CEO even called Apple a “lifestyle” company and Intel has been making it clear that its out to play down the significance of M1. In a series of no-holds barred ads, Intel has taken potshots and all things Apple. Interestingly, Intel has also chosen the actor — Justin Love — who Apple had used many years back in a campaign called “I am Mac”.
All ads begin with Love saying, “Hi, I am a…Justin” a simple user who is out there doing a real comparison between MacBooks and Windows laptops.

For instance, in one ad, Justin checks out the flexibility of Windows laptops that can be turned into 2-in-1 devices — both laptops and a tablet. The MacBook doesn’t do that. The ad doesn’t stop there and clearly says that if you want a MacBook to be in 2-in-1 then you will have to buy an iPad, a Magic Keyboard, an Apple Pencil.

In another ad, Intel hits at one of Apple MacBooks’ sore points — gaming. Justin goes to meet a gamer who is using a gaming laptop and asks where’s the gamer on Mac to which he gets an answer “no one games on a Mac.” Harsh but perhaps with a lot of truth in that statement as you will find tons of Windows gaming laptops whereas Mac has the perception of not being a gaming laptop.

The other ads have Intel taking potshots and MacBooks having lack of touchscreen ability or one can’t connect more than a single external monitor to them.

The ads are rather funny and intended to hit Apple where it hurts. Having said that, Intel will have to make its processors much better to actually compete with M1 rather than just taking potshots at Apple through ads.

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