MediaTek: MediaTek records the maximum chipset shipments in 2020, claims report

2021-03-30 10:06:39

MediaTek shipped the highest number of chips in 2020, according to a report by DigiTimes. The chipmaker reportedly shipped 351.8 million units to smartphone OEMs last year compared to 2019’s 238 million, a growth from 17.2% global market share in 2019 to 27.2% in 2020. MediaTek also beat Qualcomm to the first spot in terms of the number of chipset shipments for the first time, as per a report by Omdia.
The rise in MediaTek’s shipments could be attributed to several factors like the announcement of its Dimensity chipsets that come with an inbuilt 5G, a sanction on Huawei by the US government and also an uptick in the orders from the various smartphone OEMs. Since US technology firms are forbidden to supply parts to Huawei, the Chinese technology giant had to forego Qualcomm and go with the Taiwanese MediTek instead. Huawei ships select devices with its HiSilicon chips and have a big portfolio of devices that relied on the Qualcomm chipsets, a place that will now be taken by MediaTek processors.
The brand that ended up being the biggest customer of MediTek in 2020 happened to be Xiaomi, with about 63.7 million smartphones running on MediaTek chipsets. Oppo was the runner up in this race with 55.3 million handsets. Both Xiaomi and Oppo had 19.7 million and and 46.3 million devices with MediaTek chipsets in 2019 and comparing the yearwise figures, Xiaomi’s increased by about 3 times in a year. South Korean tech giant Samsung also ordered more MediaTek chipsets in 2020. With the Huawei ban and the diminishing demand for Kirin chipsets, the Taiwanese chipmaker has been fortuitous and reaped benefits with its processors powering the low-priced smartphones.

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