Made-in-India iPhone 12 soon; Apple to boost local iPhone production too: Report

2021-01-27 16:04:06

Apple is reportedly increasing its production capacity in India and Vietnam as it aims to be less dependent on China. As per a report by Nikkei Asia, Apple is boosting iPhone production in India and the Cupertino-based tech giant will soon start making the latest iPhone 12 in India as well. Apple will also start large scale production of iPads in Vietnam by mid-2021. This is the first time Apple will be making iPads outside of China.
“Apple is also increasing production capacity for smart speakers, earphones and computers in Southeast Asia as part of its ongoing diversification strategy,” claimed the report.
As far as making the iPhone 12 in India is concerned, the report by Nikkei Asia citing sources said, “Apple is stepping up iPhone production in India, its second-largest production base for the iconic device, sources added, with plans to start producing the latest iPhone 12 series — the company’s first 5G smartphones — there as soon as this quarter.”
In November last year, Apple for the first time started to make its current-generation flagship handset– iPhone 11– in India. Apple is currently making the iPhone 11 at Foxconn plant near Chennai and it wont come as a surprise that Apple would make the iPhone 12 as well at the same facility.
The report by Nikkei Asia claimed that the reason for Apple to boost production outside of China is due to “ the country’s rising labor costs, the prolonged trade tensions between Washington and Beijing and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that severely disrupted supply chain.”

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