macbook: Apple first mini-LED MacBook Air may arrive in 2022: Report

2021-03-18 15:10:21

Continuing with his string of predictions about tech giant Apple’s device rollout plans, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made another in a research note that’s seen by Cult of Mac. This time it is regarding mini LED displays coming to the MacBook Air in 2022. Currently, the MacBooks comes with LCD displays.
The mini LED displays are rumoured to come to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is supposed to launch in April. Apple is set to launch a new lineup of iPads next month, as per a new report by Bloomberg. Apart from the 12.9-inch iPad, the other model will most likely be the 11-inch one.
Mini LED displays offer some advantages over the LCD display, such as being able to bring out deeper blacks, better contrast and higher brightness levels etc. They also save power and hence, help in increasing the battery life of the MacBooks.
As per the analyst, “From a technical perspective, OLED is not suitable for productivity devices due to burn- in and lifetime issues. We believe that mini-LED and Apple’s processors (Apple Silicon and iPad processors) are the two critical hardware technologies for Apple’s productivity devices. These two technologies can provide more differentiation advantages and enhance integration with the software/service ecosystem.”

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