iPhone, iPad Users Reporting Crashes With Third-Party Apps After Syncing With M1-Powered MacBook Laptops

2021-02-02 09:09:57

iPhone and iPad users have reported crashing issues with third-party apps after syncing with M1-powered MacBook models. The third-party apps reportedly crash right after launch, making them completely unusable. However, pre-installed apps seem to run fine. The users’ reports started coming in about a month after the M1-powered MacBook laptops were released and the problem still appears to persist. Apple doesn’t seem to have shared a fix for the issue or even acknowledged it yet.

As per user reports on Apple support, Reddit, and other forums point out that iPhone and iPad models seem to experience third-party app crashes after syncing their device with M1-powered MacBook models. According to a video shared by a user on Reddit recorded on iPhone X, third-party apps like YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others appeared to immediately crash after being opened, making them completely unusable. However, apps like Safari, Apple Music, and Messages were working just fine.

On the original forum post, users also pointed out that installing or updating apps from the App Store is also not possible as the progress circle fills up and then reverts to the ‘cloud’ download icon. Rebooting the devices, restoring the iPhone, or re-installing iPhone/ iPad OS doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

One of the users found a workaround, suggesting that connecting to an older MacBook running Calatina OS solves the problem. This user had a 2012 MacBook Pro running Calatina.

Apple doesn’t seem to have acknowledged the issue as of now, that could suggest that the problem is not that widespread. For now, there seems to be no solution to this issue so it is advisable that people using M1-powered MacBook models don’t sync their iPad or iPhone models, till Apple works something out.

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