How connected features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto can make riding two-wheelers safer

2021-03-09 04:03:56

Connected features so far have been mainly focused on cars. Today, almost every car comes with support for Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and geofencing, remote connectivity and more. However, the same can’t be said for the bikes or two-wheelers.
Now, there are obvious safety concerns with these technologies on two-wheelers. However, these technologies can make the riding experience a lot better and that too without sacrificing safety.
Indian Motorcycle, a popular US-based motorcycle manufacturer has implemented the Apple CarPlay support via a 7-inch Ride Command infotainment system. For a touring motorcycle, a connected feature will give its users the option to check weather conditions, traffic details, maps, navigation and music controls and more.
To ensure safety, using a headset is mandatory for voice commands. Also, the connectivity is done via lightning cable and there’s a dedicated storage compartment to keep the smartphone.
But, most importantly, for navigation, the bike comes with a navigation controller placed on the handlebars. Allowing users to navigate through the screen without taking handles off the bike.
Now one might wonder if these features are meant for premium and expensive bikes only. However, that’s not true as homegrown brands like TVS, Royal Enfield have also started offering such features in their bikes. TVS with its latest generation bikes and scootys now offer app-based connectivity for controlling music, taking calls or seeing navigation prompts right on the speedometer.
TVS app also lets users inform their friends, family or fellow riders in case of an accident or low fuel, etc automatically.
Similarly, Royal Enfield has also added a new navigation screen in Meteor and 2021 Himalayan which uses Bluetooth as the connectivity and show navigation prompts to users.
Honda too offers something similar in their recently launched Hness CB350 touring motorcycle.
Connected features on two-wheelers are growing and bike makers have managed to implement them without making any sacrifice on safety to make the riding experience better.

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