Google rolls out Full Coverage feature in Google Search, here’s what it mean

2021-03-09 12:28:12

Internet search giant Google has rolled out a new feature called Full Coverage in Search in the US.
According to Google, this will allow users to “explore all aspects of a story from a variety of perspectives.”
Right now, when a user searches for information on a timely topic, they see a carousel of articles at the top of their Search results highlighting relevant news.
After this update, big, developing news stories can be seen by tapping into a Full Coverage page after scrolling to the end of the top stories carousel or by selecting “More news on…” right below the carousel.
Just last month, Google had rolled out a new feature for its search feed that allows users to get more information about a website that they are about to open.
Next to most results on Google, users now see a menu icon that they can tap to learn more about the result or feature and where the information is coming from.
As part of this information, Google will show a description of the website from Wikipedia. In case a website doesn’t have a Wikipedia description, Google says that it will show users additional context that may be available, such as when Google first indexed the site.
For cumulative content such as job listings or local business listings, Google says that it will show a description of how it sources that information from sites on the web, or from businesses themselves.

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