Google Meet calls to ‘look better’ for iPhone users

2021-03-12 03:54:04

Internet search giant Google is rolling out support to view everyone on a Google Meet call in a tile view on their smartphones.
This feature will first be tolled out to iOS users and will come to Android handsets soon, said the company via a tweet.

Through this feature, iPhone users will be able to see multiple participants at once on an on-going Google Meet call.
On the web, Google Meet has a limit to see up to 49 people on the screen, however, it is likely that the limit on the mobile screen is less than that for it to appear aesthetically appealing too.
Google hasn’t talked about the maximum number of participants that will appear on screen during a Google Meet call. The picture used in the tweet shows only 8 participants on the screen even though there are 6 other participants on the call.
The position of the grid and which participants appear on the screen or not is likely to be dependent on their activity during a call.
As is the case with the Grid View on the web version, Google Meet for mobile will show each participant’s name in the bottom left corner.
During a call, users will be able to see the speaker in a Blue outing box that highlights the participant.

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