google android tv: Google updates Android TV; adds Home, Discover and Apps tabs

2021-02-04 03:51:06

Internet search giant Google has revamped its Android TV platform with an aim to personalise the interface.
According to a report by CNET, the new update is being rolled out in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany and France first and more countries are expected to receive the same in the coming weeks.
As part of the new update, Google will add new tabs — Home, Discover and Apps — to the Android TV UI. The Home tab is said to come with quick access to your favourite apps and channels. The Discover tab comes with “personalised recommendations based on what you watch and what interests you.” Lastly, the Apps section shows all the apps you have downloaded.
It appears that the Discover tab is the major new component of the update as the recommendations there are said to be fetched on the basis of users’ activity that will come with sub sections such as ‘Top picks for you’ and ‘Trending TV shows.’
“At this time, we are focused on bringing the Google TV experience to new retail devices like Sony and TCL,” a Google spokesperson said. “Over time, all new retail devices on the Android TV OS will have the Google TV experience. Until then, we are bringing new features, like personalized recommendations in the Discover tab, to current Android TV devices to help people discover new shows and movies to watch.”

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