Future Pixel smartphones won’t get this free Google Photos feature

2021-03-16 05:14:55

Last year, Google had announced that it will end the support for unlimited free photos and videos backup at ‘high quality’.
As per a tweet by Raja Ayyagari, the product manager of Google Photos, the high quality uploads will remain free and unlimited for Pixel 2, 3, 4, and 5 owners.
However, this benefit won’t extend to future Pixel smartphones as high quality uploads from those phones will be counted in Google storage only, added Ayyagari in his tweet.

To recall, back in November 2020, the Internet search giant had said that it will start charging for storage starting June 2021, once more than 15GB on Google account have been used.
Any photos or videos uploaded before that day won’t be part of the 15GB cap. However, this means that the 15GB of free storage will also include your Gmail and Google Drive documents.
As always, your Original quality photos and videos will continue to count toward your 15 GB of free storage across your Google Account.
Recently, Google rolled out a new set of updates to Pixel smartphone users such as sharing recording easily though recorder.google.com, support to capture better quality underwater pictures, new wallpapers and new features in bedtime schedule.

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