Flipkart quiz February 17, 2021: Get answers to these five questions to win gifts, discount coupons and Flipkart Super coins

2021-02-17 03:36:19

Walmart-owned Flipkart is back with another dose of its daily trivia quiz. The quiz offers the participants a chance to win gifts, discount coupons and Flipkart Super Coins.
In order to win the quiz prizes, a participant must answer all questions of the quiz correctly. The quiz is available under the Games zone on Flipkart mobile app.
The quiz starts daily at 12am and continues till 12pm. Each quiz question has four options to choose the answer from.
Only the first 50,000 participants will be eligible for the quiz prize.
Here are five questions of today’s quiz along with their respective answers that can help you win gifts and discount vouchers.

  1. Who was the first CM to have laid down his papers to assume the role of the PM?
    H. D. Deve Gowda
  2. What region of India was called Frederiksoerne during the Danish rule?
    Nicobar Islands
  3. Parda, dandi, gullu and kunti are some parts of which instrument?
  4. What was the small pocket in jeans originally designed to carry?
  5. Which dessert’s invention is claimed by Nigel Mackenzie and Lan Dowding?
    Banoffee Pie

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