Dark Mode on Google Search will match system theme on desktop: Report

2021-02-12 06:47:57

Google is yet to roll out Dark mode for its Search page on desktop. The tech giant has been testing the feature for some time now. According to a report by 9to5Google, latest A/B testing shows that the Dark mode on Google Search will match the system theme for laptops.
The Dark Mode is available for some users, the report says. If a user launches an incognito window on Google Chrome or Chrome OS, one may be greeted with a new message on the Google Search page. A box with a message ‘Dark theme is now available’ will pop-up on the page that pushes the user to turn on the setting with a shortcut button.

Google, as per the report, will allow users to match the dark mode with their system theme on desktop — both for Windows and MacOS. The option will be available in the Search settings.
Once enabled, the Dark theme will change the background colour to Dark grey on the Google Search page. Also, text will be changed from Black to White. Multiple icons and links still continue to be highlighted in Blue colour.
As mentioned before, the feature is still in testing phase and is not available for all. Google is yet to officially announce the roll out for all users.

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