Coming soon: Elon Musk’s book on Tesla, life lessons and more

2021-02-09 07:55:42

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is never short of opinions on a lot of things, including Tesla, living on Mars and memes. Now, in a series of tweets Musk has revealed that he is writing a book. “Time to tell the story of Tesla & SpaceX,” Musk tweeted. He later followed it with two more tweets “Of Earth and Mars”, and “Lessons Learned”.

A Twitter user then asked Musk if he is writing a book and the Tesla CEO answered in the affirmative.
Nothing else is known about the book as of now. In the past Musk had said that one day he will write his story but never confirmed, till now. It remains to be seen whether the book comes out this year or not.
Musk was also asked in a tweet whether he would consider doing a podcast. To this Musk said that doing a podcast is “not that easy” and would require a lot of work. The Tesla CEO recently dropped in Clubhouse, the new social media app that’s making a lot of news. Musk also recently urged his followers to move to Signal, the instant messaging app.
While 2020 may have been a year to forget for most people in the world, Musk really ‘arrived’. He became the richest man in the world — only to be edged out by Jeff Bezos — and saw Tesla’s marks value grow phenomenally.
If Musk’s tweets are anything to go by then his book is bound to be an intriguing read.

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