Chennai residents can now complain on WhatsApp about their daily life problems

2021-02-26 13:35:51

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has launched a dedicated WhatsApp Communication system to help citizens raise their queries and grievances on daily activities. People can simply send a ‘Hi’ to GCC’s official WhatsApp account on +91-94999 33644, to easily raise concerns and seek solutions. The WhatsApp Communication system is currently available in English and Tamil languages.
“With this WhatsApp Communication system integration, GCC aims to facilitate prompt and effective communication between the administration and the public. This WhatsApp-based automatic grievance registration system will also make it possible for citizens to track the progress of registered grievances in real-time. It will also pave the way for the flow of information on important announcements, updates, periodic events, helplines, etc. At an appropriate time, the service will also include critical information on vaccine rollout modalities in Chennai for beneficiaries,” said a press statement.
“We want to always be on the forefront of all technological advancements and provide a seamless communication system to our citizens. Given the ubiquitous nature of the WhatsApp platform, exchanging information with citizens has become extremely convenient and quick. We will continue to build such initiatives to serve our citizens more efficiently and thank WhatsApp for their assistance in activating this innovative citizen centric services,” said G. Prakash IAS, Commissioner, Greater Chennai Corporation.
“Our association with GCC reflects our vision to help promote and build a more connected and aware, Digital India. The pandemic has shown our reliance on digital tools and leveraging technology for governance has become even more critical,” said Shivnath Thukral, Public Policy Director, WhatsApp India.
The GCC will also utilize the WhatsApp Communication system to provide additional citizen-centric services such as the creation of birth and death certificates, timely reminders on tax payment, and electoral services.

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