Auto-delete, widgets and other new features you can use on Telegram

2021-02-24 14:05:50

Telegram has released an update for its app bringing useful features like auto-delete messages, expiring invite links, widgets and more. There’s a new auto-delete timer for messages and not to forget, Telegram groups can now have unlimited members.
Auto-delete messages on Telegram
You can enable set an auto-delete timer in all Telegram chats either for 24 hours or 7 days after sending the message. As per Telegram, the auto-delete feature only applies to messages sent after the timer is set, earlier messages will stay in the chat history. However, in Secret Chats, the countdown starts when messages are sent, not read.
To enable the timer on Android, tap ⋮ > Clear History then choose a duration. On iOS, press and hold a message, tap Select > Clear Chat (top-left) > Enable Auto-Delete.
To check the expiry time of a message, simply tap on Android or press and hold on iOS to take a look. Note in Telegram groups, only admins can enable or modify the timer.
Telegram homescreen widget
To make access to Telegram chats easy, you can add a Telegram widget to your home screen. The Chat Widget shows a preview of recent messages, while the Shortcut Widget shows only names and profile pictures. To add a widget, press and hold on your home screen, then tap Widgets on Android or the (+) on iOS and search for Telegram.
Telegram invite links with expiry time
Along with the main invite link, owners and admins can now create additional links with a limited duration, number of uses, or both on Telegram.
You can also convert any invite link into a scannable QR Code. You can also see which users joined using each invite link to find out where new members came from.
To view and manage invite links, tap to open your Group or Channel’s Profile > Edit > Invite Links. Tap (⋮) or (⋯) to convert a link to a QR Code.
Unlimited groups and improved reporting of fake accounts
Telegram groups allow up to 200,000 members but now you can now convert into Broadcast Groups that allow unlimited members. However, only admins can broadcast messages. To keep fake accounts away, Telegram will now always ask you to select specific messages when sending a report. Also, all reporting options allow you to add a comment when reporting fake accounts or some other abuse. Telegram has also added new animated emojis too with this update.

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