Apple Maps get Covid-19 travel advisory at these Indian airports

2021-04-01 03:09:52

Google Maps continues to be the most popular source for a whole lot of people when it comes to getting directions or navigation guidelines. In the last few years, Apple has made a strong push to emerge as an alternative and added a host of new features. Now, another new feature arrives on Apple Maps — Covid-19 airport travel guidance.
Apple Maps in India is now showing COVID-19 airport travel guidance directly on airport place cards. Travellers with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac can access local airport health requirements — such as face coverings (which is mandatory) and health tests or screenings (whether you need to clear a Covid-19 test or any other screening). Other quarantine guidelines are also displayed in the airport place card. Currently, the service is available at five Indian airports — New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chandigarh.
Apple uses the data provided by the Airports Council International (ACI) for the feature. While in India it is available for five airports, worldwide Apple Maps shows the Covid-19 health measures in place at more than 300 airports worldwide.

Users can simply search for an airport in Apple Maps and find the airport’s Covid-19 web page or local requirements for passengers directly on the airport place card.
Apple Maps recently started displaying Covid-19 vaccine sites, in addition to testing locations and featuring Covid-19 related information on the place cards of more than 4,400 retailers.
In the last couple of years, Apple has made an attempt to catch up with Google when it comes to Maps. However, Google Maps continues to be ahead and is more commonly used across the world among smartphone users.

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