Apple Maps: Apple Maps may soon allow you to report accidents, speed checks

2021-02-10 10:16:50

Apple may soon allow users to report accidents, hazards and speed checks on its Maps app. The new feature is available as part of iOS 14.5 beta update and is available for public beta testers and developers. The feature was first reported by MacRumours.
As per the report, when a user inputs a destination address, selects a route and chooses ‘Go’, Siri will let them report about accidents or hazards which they may see on their route. A ‘Report’ button will be added to the Apple Maps that will allow one to flag such incidents.
The feature must only be used in exceptional cases. Tapping will automatically flag the user’s location without any confirmation windows, says the report.
Alternatively, one can also say ‘Hey Siri, there’s an accident’. This will prompt Siri to send in a report to Apple Maps about the accident. And if a sufficient number of people file reports about the incident, Apple Maps app will show the accident site on the route through crowdsourcing.
The feature is currently being tested in the US for select users. MacRumors report says that it is yet not clear if and when the feature will be made available in other countries as well.

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