Android 12: Android 12 may come with UI changes and new privacy features

2021-02-09 09:58:21

Google is expected to unveil Android 12 — the new version of its mobile operating system later this year. Ahead of the release, alleged documents summarising Android 12 features have appeared online. It comes with screenshots that summarise changes in the upcoming Android operating system.
In the alleged screenshots shared in a report by XDA Developers, one can see a new notifications panel with more pronounced corners. Android 12 will allegedly remove the transparent background from the notification panel with an opaque background.
The screenshot also shows that the Quick Settings panel may be reduced from 6 to 4, enabling icons to become larger. Positions of the date and clock have also been swapped. The screenshots also reveal the addition of new privacy indicators in the top-right corner.
On the privacy front, Android 12 may notify a user whenever an app will use camera or the microphone. Tapping on the alert icon may exactly reveal the name of the app that is using the camera/microphone without permission. Additionally, Google is expected to change the Privacy settings with the Android 12.
The new OS may come with toggles to disable the camera and mute the microphone entirely along with location access. Google is also planning to revamp widgets with Android 12. It may add “Conversations” widget to highlight recent messages, missed calls, or activity statuses.

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