Amazon app quiz February 15, 2021: Get answers to these five questions to win Rs 20,000 in Amazon Pay balance

2021-02-15 03:39:13

As part of today’s quiz, Amazon is giving the participants a chance to win Rs 20,000 in Amazon Pay balance today.
The daily starts daily at 8am and comprises of quiz consists of five different questions based on general knowledge and current affairs. In order to win the quiz prize, a participant must answer all questions of the quiz correctly.
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Each quiz question has four options. A participant has to choose the correct one. Name of the winner of today’s quiz will be announced on February 15. He/she will be chosen via lucky draw.
Here are five questions of today’s quiz along with their respective answers that can help you win Rs 20,000 in Amazon Pay balance.

  1. In which country did archaeologists recently discover the world’s oldest known cave art — a life-sized picture of a wild pig?
  2. Google recently acquired which company, best known for its fitness bands and smartwatches, for $2.1 billion?
  3. Sadyr Japarov recently won the Presidential election in which country?
  4. What was Spain’s previous currency, before they switched to this one?
  5. What is the title of the Disney movie that features this breed of dog and was adapted from Dodie Smith’s novel?
    101 Dalmations

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