airtel family plans: Airtel Family Postpaid Plans: Starts at Rs 499, offers additional SIMs, shared benefits and more

2021-02-25 09:07:31

Airtel Family Postpaid Plans comes with several additional benefits compared to the regular postpaid connections. For starters, it will offer a single bill for the entire family depending upon the plan you’ve chosen.
In addition, the benefits such as calling, SMS and data will be shared among other family members as well and hence it helps in reducing the overall bill.
Here’s the list of all the Family Plans offered by Airtel.
Airtel Family Postpaid Plan: Rs 499
This is the cheapest Family postpaid plan. It comes with one regular SIM and offers 75GB high-speed data with rollover, 100SMS per day, unlimited local and STD calling and a year of Amazon Prime membership. Users can also buy an additional SIM by paying an additional Rs 249 on monthly basis.

Airtel Family Postpaid Plan: Rs 749
This plan comes with a regular SIM and a data add-on SIM. It comes with 125GB of high-speed data, 100SMS per day, unlimited calling and Amazon Prime membership.

Airtel Family Postpaid Plan: Rs 999
The Rs 999 Family postpaid plan comes with 3 regular SIMs and an additional data add-on SIM. It offers a total of 150GB 4G data, unlimited calling and 100 SMS per day. Users will also get a complimentary Amazon Prime membership.

Airtel Family Postpaid Plan: Rs 1,599
This plan only comes with one regular SIM with unlimited high-speed data. Unlimited calling, 100SMS per day and Prime membership come as standard too.

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