Saina Nehwal Says Haven’t Received Covid-19 Test Report, Just Told I’m Positive

2021-01-12 07:49:20

Shuttler Saina Nehwal on Tuesday said that she has not received her COVID-19 test report and was only told by the authorities that she has tested positive for the virus. The shuttler also said that rules state that the report should come in by five hours, but this was not the process followed in her case. “I still didn’t receive the covid test report from yesterday it’s very confusing and today just before the warm up for the match they tell me to got to hospital in bangkok … saying that I m positive ..according to rules the report should come in 5 hours.. @bwfmedia,” Nehwal tweeted.


Earlier, sources within BAI confirmed that Nehwal and HS Prannoy tested positive for coronavirus.

Both players, who were set to compete in the Thailand Open, were taken to the hospital for further tests.

A walkover was given to Kisona Selvaduray of Malaysia, who was to play her first-round match of the Thailand Open against Saina on Tuesday.

As a result, Selvaduray moved to the second round of the tournament without competing in the first round.

Meanwhile, Saina’s husband Parupalli Kashyap has also been taken to hospital but his report status is not yet confirmed.

“Saina Nehwal and HS Prannoy tested positive for COVID. They have been taken to the hospital. P Kashyap has also been taken to hospital but his report status is not confirmed yet,” sources told ANI.


Last week, Saina had raised concerns over the fitness of the athletes after physios and trainers were restricted from meeting the badminton players during the entirety of their Thailand tour.

Having undergone coronavirus tests, Saina had asked Badminton World Federation (BWF), to sort the mess as this was impacting the performance of the players on the court.

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