India vs Australia Live Score, 2nd Test: Australia look to make the game even on Day 3 : But it will be naive to think that Australia are out of the game. A good morning session full of wickets can bring them back by limiting India’s first innings. Having said that, the pressure at the moment is well and truly on the hosts.

2020-12-27 23:06:02

It’s a Monday, the first working day of the week; but at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, it will be the third day in office for India and Australia who will resume a Test battle in which India gained ascendancy on Sunday. The second Test of the series is in its most delicate phase. India may have their noses in front, but Australia aren’t out of it yet with plenty of time left in the game. The hosts will surely look to land a few punches to give India some Monday blues. Welcome to for the live updates on all the action.

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