Citigroup CEO bans Friday Zoom calls

2021-03-24 04:43:18

NEW DELHI: Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser has barred internal video calls on Fridays and encouraged vacations in an effort to combat workplace malaise brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.
Fraser, who replaced Michael Corbat earlier this year, said the final day of the working week shall be known as ‘Zoom-Free Fridays’, according to an internal memorandum. She also designated May 28 as a firmwide holiday to be known as ‘Citi Reset Day’.
Staff are also encouraged to avoid scheduling meetings outside of what were normal working hours before the outbreak of Covid.
“I know the blurring of lines between home and work and the relentlessness of the pandemic workday have taken a toll on our well-being,” Fraser wrote in the memo. “It’s simply not sustainable.”

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