Capgemini India jobs: Capgemini has 19,000 open positions in India

2021-02-04 03:35:18

BENGALURU: French IT firm Capgemini has 19,000 open positions this year in India, signalling a positive hiring forecast. Sources told TOI that the funnel would have a mix of freshers and mid-level hires. And there will be hiring for both operational and technology roles, with the latter focused on new digital technologies.
Globally, Capgemini has more than 25,000 professionals driving transformation to deliver data- and AI-infused businesses. Digital and cloud accounts for over 50% of the company’s business, growing over 20% in 2019.
India, with 1.2 lakh employees, accounts for more than half of the French IT services company’s global strength, and is its largest delivery engine. Last year, Capgemini hired over 12,000 freshers in India.
The 19,000 open positions for this year is higher than its usual hiring number. Though Capgemini didn’t comment on the hiring numbers, Anil Kumar Singh, head of talent acquisition in Capgemini India, said that with the pandemic having forced companies to let their staff work from home, the emphasis is shifting to cloud-based solutions, remote tech services and cyber security. “This in turn has given a boost to the IT sector as there is a demand for skills in new-age technologies like digital and cloud,” Singh said.
Capgemini, which counts Heathrow Airport, Airbus Skywise and Mercedes-Benz among its customers, has seen a significant ramp-up in deals and business around hyper-scalers. “More importantly, clients are looking at going beyond traditional areas for cloud-led transformation such as core systems or complex back-office digitisation which are larger and complex programmes. The new programmes require significant ramp ups and skills across technologies and domain areas which become a natural cause for hyper-scalers to partner with IT services organisations,” he added.
Steve Hall, president of ISG EMEA, and partner, digital advisory services, said Capgemini’s growth in India reflects their renewed focus on engineering, which was turbo-charged with the acquisition of Altran. About a third of Altran’s 50,000 employees are based in India. “Engineering services, applications services are expanding across the market as enterprises accelerate their digital journeys,” he said.
Hall said engineering engagements are creating the next generation of Industry 4.0 and IoT-enabled applications. “The manufacturing sector, which is leading the charge, is a major focus and growth area for Capgemini,” he added.
Mercedes-Benz, for instance, uses an electronic product data management (EPDM) system developed by Capgemini for the development and documentation of electronic vehicle components. However, there was a need for shorter software release cycles. So Mercedes-Benz and Capgemini jointly transformed the software delivery model from waterfall to large-scale distributed agile delivery. For over a decade, a team of 100 Indian and German development engineers have steadily expanded it and added new functions to build a very extensive system, with new releases going live twice a year.

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