39% Indian companies have women CXOs

2021-03-03 22:30:00

MUMBAI: India ranks third globally in terms of the proportion of women in leadership positions, after the Philippines and South Africa, according to a report by accounting firm Grant Thornton.
The percentage of women in senior management for India stood at 39%, as against the global average of 31%, which signals the changing outlook of Indian businesses towards working women, the Women in Business 2021 report said.
The percentage of women leaders across key positions in C-suite in the country also emerged higher than the global average in the report.
While globally, businesses with at least one woman in the senior management role increased to 90%, the same stands at 98% in India. In fact, 47% of mid-market businesses in India now have women CEOs compared with 26% globally.

Pallavi Bakhru, partner, Grant Thornton Bharat, said: “Under the challenging circumstances of 2020, the boundaries between work and home have blurred. In this scenario, it is good to see action being taken by businesses to ensure employee engagement and inclusion. 59% businesses in India are promoting work-life balance and flexibility as well as creating an environment where all colleagues can speak up with ideas, issues and questions compared with global average of 45% and 43%, respectively. The businesses are also actively working on their gender balance. 55% of Indian firms are creating equal opportunities at workplace, while 49% are building an inclusive culture, providing mentoring and coaching.”
Data was collated from Grant Thornton’s International Business Report (IBR) — a survey of both listed and privately-held businesses, with 251 companies interviewed in India.
The report also covers the impact of Covid-19 at the workplace, especially on women. In India, 88% respondents believe new working practices will benefit women’s career trajectories in the long term, compared with 69% globally. ‘Innovative’, ‘adaptive to change’ and ‘courageous to take risks’ will emerge as top leadership traits in 2021.

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