‘Disruptive solutions needed in renewables to tackle future’

India needs to press ahead with developing disruptive solutions in renewables to enable the country to become a green energy superpower, Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL), stressed on Saturday.

“By the middle of this century, the world will use twice as much energy as we use today,” Mr. Ambani said, addressing a convocation ceremony at the Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU). “India’s own per capita energy needs will be more than twice as much as today,” he added.

“Therefore, India is required to simultaneously pursue two goals: To become an economic superpower. To become a green and clean energy superpower,” he asserted.

‘Carbon recycle tech’

“To achieve these twin goals, we need disruptive solutions… low carbon and carbon recycle technologies. We need breakthroughs in new energy sources such as green and blue hydrogen,” the RIL CMD said. PDPU was founded by RIL and Mr. Ambani is its president.

“We also need great innovations in energy storage, saving and utilisation. As a person from the energy business, I can assure the students and faculty of PDPU that you are entering an exciting future,” he emphasised.

“What makes it even more exciting is the synergy between the energy revolution and the fourth industrial revolution. If we master this synergy, we will surely be able to make India one of the most prosperous nations in the world. An India that guarantees prosperity and well being for all 1.3 billion Indians,” Mr. Ambani asserted.

He said despite the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the future was very bright for India and for all Indians.

“In the post-COVID era, I clearly foresee explosive and exponential growth in the Indian economy. Within a couple of decades, India will be among the top three economies in the world. Growth will create unprecedented opportunities and possibilities for young and talented people,” he added.

Mr. Ambani said most of these opportunities would be created by young entrepreneurs themselves.

“ I see many amongst you as the creators of successful start-ups. The world is waiting for you. Step out and take the plunge. Fail, if necessary, but in pursuit of your dreams. With passion, purpose and persistent effort, your dreams will indeed come true,” he told the graduates of the university.

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